Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm a slacker.

So clearly I didn't keep my promise of posting 6 months ago! Agh! So a quick run down of what's happened over the last 10 months: August 2011 - I left my job. It was by choice, and they really wanted/needed me to stay, but my mental health was anything but healthy and I knew I needed time to heal. After prayer and careful consideration I left my job, and we packed up our stuff and put it into storage and left our home. We stayed with Matt's mom for almost 3 months, and then with dear friends for another six months. I started my own cleaning business, that really didn't pick up immediately - just a few one-time jobs. Then, in October, tragedy struck the family of a dear friend when her 9 year old went into the hospital with an unknown illness. Thankfully, my lack of employment allowed me to help the family in various ways, which included being on "night duty" at the hospital so mom could sleep. 8-1/2 weeks later, the dear thing was able to go home and now, several months later, she has almost no signs of the awful disease that disabled her mind and body for such an awful amount of time. After the hospital stays were done it was like a light switch flipped for my business and I now have 4 full-time clients. We would really benefit if I could pick up one or two more clients, but we are extremely blessed by the ones I currently have. In January '12 we decided to pray one more time about moving to Ashland, and this time it was a yes. It was not only a yes to move, but a yes for me to go back to school full-time starting in May. So, that's where I'm at now. I have 5 classes this summer and am loving being back in school (surprisingly enough). I am hoping to keep the fast pace up and be able to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education within 3 years. We have a beautiful rental home that was new construction that we just adore. If money were no object I would have run up the national debt decorating the place because of how much I love it! Unfortunately (and thankfully) we are broke - as broke as ever - so we are learning to do without our wants, and for now, a few of the less important needs. It has really helped to humble both of us and I think we are finally both in a place where we are totally committed to being fiscally responsible (something we've failed at in our marriage so far). During the move I lost my prescription of Lexapro, so I went without it for a little over two weeks. It was good in a way because I learned I cannot go off of it, at least not quite yet...but I also learned that if I did have to, I would be OK (just not great). Once we found it I went back on it just every other day until I can afford to go back to the doctor to have the prescription renewed (as this was my last refill since she wanted to maybe take me off after 6 months). So I think that is the short of it - there is definitely a much longer version of the events over the last several months, some of which I'll share as part of my spiritual growth, but I definitely won't bore you with all of the details. If anyone is still reading this, let me know :)

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