Friday, November 20, 2015

Back at it

The following is a post I started over a year ago, in October of 2014, but never posted.  However, it is an important part of the last year of my life, so I'm going to share it now.  It wasn't complete, and I don't want to finish it now because I'm not sure how I was planning on finishing it a year ago, however, I will follow-up to it soon!

So, if you actually read the blog, you know about my blood transfusion in September, and my subsequent news that was far from what I wanted to hear.  Well, that week was just the tip of the iceberg.

After the blood transfusion in September, I had 2 follow-up iron infusions scheduled - the first one being October 10th.  I had the infusion, but didn't feel any change at all.  In fact, in less than a week after that I was feeling even worse.  By Thursday I was feeling some serious anxiety because of it and I was a complete wreck.  On Sunday the 19th I barely made it through Sacrament meeting at Church (and that was only because I had to accompany the choir) and we then decided to head over and see Matt's mom who is staying at his sister's house.  With her being an RN I trusted her opinion on what I should do, and by 3 we were headed to the emergency room.  My hemoglobin was ba ck down where it was a month ago (5.8) and this time I would receive 3 units of blood in the ER, and then be kept for "observation status" for at least a night.  Understandably so, my anxiety went through the roof staying at the hospital alone, and it was nearly impossible for me to know what was being caused by the physical problems, or what was the mental/emotional problems.  I saw a new GYN on Monday, who said the ultrasound they did the night before looked fine and she doesn't think there is a reason to jump to a hysterectomy.  At the time this irritated me more than anything because I was finally coming to terms with the previous thought - but later, after realizing she said my ultrasound was normal, it dawned on me that a miracle had occurred as it was my first normal ultrasound ever (in 15 years!).