Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Waiting for the straw... know it, the proverbial one, the one that broke the camel's back?  I can feel it coming and at this point I am just waiting to see what form the straw comes in.  Blech.

The past couple of months have been extremely hard.  Extremely.  It isn't even so much that there has been a ton of earth shattering events, especially in comparison to some of my previous experiences, but there has been a lot of events - one right after the other - that have caused some serious stress.

I already mentioned my dad's surgery in my last post, but it has already gotten worse.  They moved him in a nursing home and after being there for 2 days there was a serious complication and he had another major surgery.  The stupid nursing home did not follow the surgeon's orders, at all.  They were taking him out of his room in a wheelchair for PT that wasn't ordered (and they were instructed not to take him out of bed for anything basically).  They didn't properly set the leg on the pillows as needed.  And to top it all off they put him in a bed too short for him to lay straight.  The man just had a serious surgery in which a lot of his tissue/bone surrounding his hip & pelvic were removed - I mean really, do the staff in nursing homes go through the same schooling as everyone else?  Well the temporary hip joint (made from antibiotic cement, or something like that) popped completely out and they had to take him back into Cleveland for surgery.  This time they had to do the full replacement because they knew his heart/lungs wouldn't make it through a third surgery.  Nothing like doing a major surgery not knowing if a life threatening infection is gone or not....

On September 17th my uncle Delbert (my mom's brother) committed suicide.  No warning, note, reasoning, or anything.  He just went out in the yard and that was it.  My aunt (who was inside) didn't even realize it until  the neighbors found him.  To make an awful situation worse, my mom called yesterday to tell me my cousin David (Delbert's son) took his own life on Monday evening.  There were notes this time, but the Sheriff had them and my mom didn't know what was in them.  Besides these being horrific events in themselves, they also drudge up awful memories surrounding my brother's suicide.  Oh how I miss him.

As if enough hasn't been going on, my landlords are trying to get us out.  I really feel like it is because of our religion.  Of course that hasn't been said directly, but their total attitude changed with us after knowing what faith we are.  The worst part is the ploy they are using is that we are planning on bringing in foster children and the lease says we have to have permission for additional tenants (and basically they wouldn't approve foster children).  This is wrong on SO many levels!  1)  Legally they are full of it, and we know they can't actually evict us for it, but who wants to live in that atmosphere (especially since they living behind us).  2) We talked to them before we ever signed a lease about our desire to be foster parents and they were THRILLED.  They told us about their experiences as foster parents and asked about our classes and etc. So, we are meeting with them tomorrow night.  We've prayed about it a lot and are just going to tell them that if they really have ill feelings towards it they need to give us time to find a new place and let us out of the lease.  I don't want to leave in an atmosphere of contention.

Add in my normal crazy school schedule, work, and my church callings and this girl is emotionally and physically spent.  I really feel like if just one more thing happens I'm going to crack.


  1. We have a room cleaned out after the in-laws return to MN if you need a place to crash for a bit.

    It always seems like when it rains it pours! I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. I hope that things work out in a way that is okay for you.

  2. So sorry to hear about all of these events, especially about your uncle and cousin. I hope that you can find a new place to live soon. It seems like there are a lot of for sale/rent signs around town, so hopefully it won't take long to find a match. I love ya, and you are in my prayers. :)