Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year, a new year, year, a newwwwww year!

This is what cute Jenna has been chanting all morning... Strutting around in Ariel high heels and a sparkly pink tutu. 
I think we all think, at one point or another, 'ugh, a new year's resolution... Yet another goal I will give up on in a few short weeks.' This precise thought is the reason I stopped making them a few years ago. However, I still think it's important to set goals to better ourselves... Which is why I am making a New Me Resolution this year. I don't think that the current me is bad, but as always, there is some room for improvement. So, I have set 3 "new me" resolutions that I am working towards, this year, and always. With this, I have a list of items that will build each month to help me achieve the better me. The me I know The Lord has intended me to be. So, here it is, here is the list. Feel free to hold me accountable and ask me how things are going! I appreciate it and it helps me stay on track. 

I. Become more like Him
    January: Read/study my scriptures daily. 

II. Be a better wife
    January: write a love note to Matt everyday with a different reason I love him each day. It sometimes is so easy to focus on what is annoying rather than what is enamoring. 

III. Improve my physical well-being
   January: Join WeightWatchers and improve my eating habits. While I am hoping weight loss will be a result, I want to do it to treat the Temple I was given with more respect. After all, it's a blessing and should be treated as such. 

As the year continues I hope to build on each goal, instead of replacing it. So, in the next 365 days I hope and will strive to develop 36 habits that will help create a better me. 


  1. I was going to suggest that you blog for a New Year's goal, but I see that you've taken care of that one. Great goals. I haven't really set any, although I do have a few ideas for things I could be doing better. :)