Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am thankful for the gift of forgiveness. I am thankful I have been able to repent of my transgressions and receive forgiveness from my Father in Heaven and those I have offended. However, it appears those who have no weight in the matter have decided I am not worthy of the forgiveness and are using this blog against me. Due to this, I have decided to make the blog private even though it is going against the distinct purpose of this blog. If you would like access to the blog, please send me the e-mail address you use with blogger so I can add you to the list. I will go private by the end of this week, and in the mean time have hidden the other posts. I truly hope that most of you will request an invite and continue to follow the blog!


  1. yes thanks to Jesus we can all rejoice in gratitude.

  2. Melissa ~ Thank you for inviting me to share your blog. I love what I've read ... and it's only two postings by you so far. You are a sweet young woman ... and you are NOT old ... yet. I'm almost twice your age and I'm not old ... I only FEEL old : ) ~Roberta